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Tiger Rock Martial Arts Marietta

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When you join Tiger Rock Marietta, you join our martial arts family. We like to renew our connection each year with a potluck for all of our members and their families. It gives us a chance to get to know each other outside the martial arts setting as we work to create a 4 th home for our members- after home, work, and worship.

At Tiger Rock Marietta you can expect the following:

The Highest Quality Martial Arts Program:

Which means you can expect an organized, well-ran sport for your child. We know how valuable good communication and planning is. We want your child to be a part of something GREAT!

A Professional, Knowledgeable and Innovative Staff:

At Tiger Rock Marietta athletes and students are exposed to amazing role-models. They see first-hand Instructors and Assistant instructors who are athletic, smart, family and career-oriented. You can also trust that your child is part of a program that is current with industry standards, following proper progression of skills, and constantly combining creative minds for the best possible products for you!

A Safe, Clean & Properly Equipped Facility:

This means that your child will train in an academy that has proper mats and flooring. We regularly clean and sanitize all equipment, mats and bathrooms.

A “Home” for Loyal, Respectful and Driven Athletes and Students:

Your child will become more self-confident, motivated and learn to love being a part of program that challenges and leads them to excel.