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Be Transformed with Tiger-Rock Martial Arts

See how our world-class Marietta, Georgia martial arts program
will transform your life in only 15 steps.

World-class martial arts in Marietta, GA

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Marietta has been a leader in martial arts in Marietta GA since 1993. Led by world-class Master Instructor Jerry Groce, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Marietta provides world-class instruction and training of martial arts in Marietta GA.

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You belong at Tiger-Rock

Head Instructor Jerry Groce leads a fun, diverse, and engaging martial arts academy that opens its doors to everyone in Marietta GA and the surrounding area. With a program that connects martial arts training to fitness, education, and life skills, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts stands as the leading martial arts academy in Marietta GA.

Your transformation begins with an introduction

Take the Tiger-Rock 15 Step Challenge and transform yourself into the black belt martial artist you were born to be.

  • Introductory course taught by Tiger-Rock Martial Arts staff
  • A complimentary official training uniform
  • Official performance evaluation

Click here to enroll now for only $38!

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts in Marietta, GA

Since 1993, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Marietta has been the definitive martial arts academy in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Our students grow their character, strength, and discipline in the most challenging and rewarding martial arts program offered in Marietta, Georgia. Through our innovative martial arts instruction and fitness training built around our world-class Tiger-Rock taekwondo training program, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts physically and mentally challenges each student to not only be the best martial artist they can be, but the best person as well. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is more than just your neighborhood taekwondo academy — we are your academy for life

We provide programs in adult, teens, and kids martial arts in Marietta, GA

Our academy aims to enrich the lives of each of our students through our unique model of martial arts, fitness, skills training. By combining the latest training methods with the cherished tradition that is martial arts, Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Marietta provides every student that comes through our door an experience that cannot be found in any other academy in Marietta or beyond.